A brief historical overview of computational mathematics development
in Ivan Franko National University in L'viv

The faculty of applied mathematics and informatics was founded in 1956, on the ground of mathematical analysis center of the faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. In was founded by the group of students under guidance of professor O.Kostovsky. The group started teaching computational mathematics and programming. In 1959, the first group of students on this speciality graduated from the University. Most of them were guided to the Institute of Cybernetics in Kiev. At that time it was called The Computation Center of Ukrainian Academy of Science, and was founded in 1957. In 1959,  the first computer in the western region “Ural-1” was installed and computation center was founded in L'viv State University named after Ivan Franko.

Since that time, an intensive development of scientific works on applied mathematics and informatics started in L'viv State University. Some of these works were oriented on development of computing methods, the others were related to development of electronic equipment and software.

Many of the graduates of L'viv State University have achieved great scientific results. Among them: correspondent member of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences V.Grytsyk, Prof. P.Dombrossky, Prof. V.Yeleyko, Prof. O.Kostovsky, Prof. H.Kojevnikova, senior teacher Y.Ludkevych, Prof. B.Popov, academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Y.Savula, Prof. G.Shynkarenko and others.

In 1975, a faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics was established (since 1990 - the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics) in L'viv State University.

A lot of courses are presented at our faculty. They provide the necessary education for specialities of Applied Mathematics and Informatics. Many computer labs of the Computation Center and the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics are used for education of the students. They are equipped with modern computers. These computers are connected into a local area network (LAN) and have an access to a global network - INTERNET.

The teachers of the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics provide a wide range of support services to the schools of L'viv. They also help to organize the regional olympiad on Informatics, teach pupils in specialized schools and colleges of L'viv and other cities of our region.